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About Drapery Installation Service

Here at drapery installation service, we are led by a professional drapery installer with over twenty years of experience and we have worked on over 1250 properties. Our company is based in Utah, the crossroads of the west. We have updated hotels and resorts in every state (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Mexico, China, the Caribbean, and the islands of the South Pacific.
drapery installation service Our team of 25 drapery installation service specialists maintain very high standards and a strong work ethic. Recognizing the importance of communication with our clients, several of them are bilingual Spanish speakers. We focus on providing consistent quality and reliability in a timely manner. We have designed our company to not only meet, but to exceed the existing standards of the hospitality industry. We have built a strong reputation based on integrity and fulfilling the needs of our customers.
We work efficiently and we repeatedly beat deadlines! Our quality and professionalism have gone unmatched.
drapery installers drapery installers
As our name implies, everything about us is professional. The drapery installation service we provide is based on years of experience working with manufacturers, designers, and hotels. We understand that manufacturers are only as good as the installation crews they have on their jobs. We can install any kind of window coverings, including motorized window treatments. We provide well-defined measurements in an Excel spreadsheet or in a cutting edge online management system. Both are easily read and compiled in an organized fashion. We also include photos and architectural drawings where needed. Integrity matters.
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