Measuring for draperies can require a lot of time and detail. The measure process starts before we arrive on site. We make every effort to obtain a detailed floor layout prior to our arrival, so that we can recap the number of windows provided in the specs and compare them to the number of windows on the layout. This helps us to catch any discrepancies beforehand and reduces the chance of missing a window. All of our trained measure staff have experience installing draperies and a wide variety of window treatments which enables them to see many potential problems early on. This enables us to work out appropriate solutions before the manufacturing process begins.

measuring for draperies
Measurement process
Quality photographs and detailed measures of every window

Once we are on site, any questions, issues, or discrepancies are discussed with the contact. Quality photographs and detailed measures of every window are provided. The measures and photographs are reviewed and compared, and then any questions or discrepancies are resolved while we are still on site. The measures are compiled and submitted electronically for easy printing, easy viewing, and to accurately make the appropriate deductions. Check out some sample measures. We make it a priority to get the completed measures over to Manufacturing in a timely manner (approximately a 3 day turnaround from measure completion).Our attention to detail, experience, and refined processes help reduce error. This saves time and money while building trust and confidence. This is all accomplished through our commitment to lead the drapery industry in the latest and greatest technologies.